Mr. Nissen and his teams successfully claimed 2 Joseph J. Jacobs Master Builder Awards and led a multi-company alliance program from 5th quintile to 1st in overall project execution performance in a 3-year period. He successfully navigated project management on a major industrial capital expansion program from the USA to Africa.

He was one of the principle designers of the JESA (Jacobs ESA) Academy “Building a Leadership Culture” and chairperson of the Jacobs Academy “Project Management” course that was developed in Casablanca, Morocco. Mr. Nissen uses his 25+ years of team building and project execution experience to mentor up & coming professionals into effective 21st Century leaders for today’s engineering and construction market.

After his Jacobs assignments, he became the Director of Major Projects for Matrix Service in Houston Texas. In this role he directed major lump sum EPC projects in the LNG, Chemicals, and Oil and Gas industry sectors.

Currently Mr. Nissen is the Major Project Director at Origin Materials.  Origin is the world’s leading carbon negative materials company. Origin’s mission is to enable the world’s transition to sustainable materials. Through chemistry and engineering, Origin will replace petroleum with cheap, renewable sources of carbon to create building-block chemicals used in everyday things. The vision is to industrialize a new material basis for the chemical industry — one built on technology that’s not just sustainable, but restorative.